Islam: Creation of a World Fascist State


Just the Beginning......

The world today is in great turmoil. Violence seems to be erupting all over the world yet again. We tend to think of the latter half of the 20th century as being “quiet” in terms of war, but that is most certainly not true. If we take a very brief look at the 20th century we can see that the first half was a conflict between the forces of democracy and those of fascist states (Italy, Germany and Japan). A more in depth look would reveal much more than that. That may be a future topic for discussion.

The second half of the century was a conflict between the forces of democracy and communism (Soviet Union; Vietnam; Korea; Cuba; China).

While the fascists were eventually beaten and the struggle against communism has abated to a kind of stalemate, we must realise that every country on the planet has been affected to some greater or lesser degree by the debilitating effects of war and conflict  for approximately 100 years.

During the latter decades of the 20th century the world seemingly turned a blind eye to the issues surrounding Israeli and the Palestinian conflict. There has been sporadic violence in a variety of other countries, such as North Africa and other parts of the Middle East, but for the best part of 40 years, no-one has been publicly joining to dots of these conflicts. Why should they? after all, they are all in different countries, far apart from each other, so how could there possible be a connection? So lets do just that. Let’s join the dots.

Since 1947 muslims have been fighting in a wide range of conflicts. If not fighting directly, then they have taken control of countries and they have become Islamic nations. Here’s a few details to give you an idea;

India – gains independence in 1947 and immediately finds itself in a civil war ending with the creation of the muslim state of Pakistan.These two countries fight again in 1965, 1971 and 1999. After the latter clash, is the creation of the state of Bangladesh, after Pakistan refused to acceed to the democratic results of an election for East and West Pakistan to separate. (

Israel – 1948 – First war against the Arab League (Egypt; Jordan; Iraq; Syria & Lebanon) Second Major war in 1967 with the 6 day war, this time against Egypt, Syria & Jordan.

Algeria – 1954 – 1962 – War of Independence. This war was a protracted affair which eventually culminated in the Algerian muslim state. (

Tunisian & Moroccan Independence – 1956 – Both countries eventually gained independence from France leading to the creation of relatively moderate muslim states.

Malaysia – 1957 – Gained independence from British rule. By 1965, after hunting down the communists, the Islamists took power to make Malaysia an Islamic state.

Iran – 1979 – Despite the British and the US aiding in the re-installation of the Shah in 1953, the Shah is overthrown and Ayatollah Khomeini is installed as the head of the Islamic State of Iran.

Iraq – 1980-1988 – War with Iran. Iraq invaded Iran by air initially. This was n response to fears that Iran was planning to expand into Iraq. (

Afghanistan – 1979 – 1989 war with the Soviet Union. The Soviets led Afghan forces in a struggle against Islamic forces backed by Saudi Arabia, Britain and the USA. Seen essentially by the west as a struggle against communism. The Soviets withdrew in 1989 leaving the country to fall into civil war until 1992. Communism gives way to yet another Islamic state when the Taliban take power in 1996.

Kuwait – 1990 – Iraq invades Kuwait which starts the western coalition war against Iraq which leads to the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars and the eventual invasion and capture and hanging of Sadam Hussein. While the Invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent invasion of Iraq are not directly muslim related, events in Iraq in 2014 occur that most certainly are.

The above should give a flavour of the wide range of localised but often large scale conflicts that have taken place. As we read through the events of the latter half of the 20th century, one thing becomes abundantly clear.
As countries are vacated by their previous rulers (France; Britain; Soviet Union) what is left behind is something of a political vacuum. Imagine the turmoil and confusion as countries that were once governed by other strong states now have to find their own feet. During these times of uncertainty, it is the Islamists who move in and take power.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just opportunistic on their part. In each country above, there had been a growing muslim population. When the time was right, they acted.

India suffered terribly for its independence and lost a large portion of land which became Pakistan. Thankfully the Pakistani muslims didn’t get things all their own way and had to concede Eastern Pakistan to the Bengali’s.
Israel is perhaps the exception to the rule in a way. Despite many attempts to oust the Israelis, they held their ground on a number of occasions, keeping the deadly threat of genocide at the hands of the Islamist Arabs at bay.

Now let’s take a look at what’s happening today. Once again the western powers have backed a muslim group rebel (ISIS) thinking that the regime in Syria of President Assad is deplorable. But what do we find? After the withdrawal of British and American troops from Iraq, ISIS have now swung around and taken over swathes of the country. It turns out that this ISIS is the most radical group of Islamists we have seen in a long time.

Once again, don’t be fooled into thinking this is some coincidence. The amount of firepower and resources these people have is considerable. They appear to be operating on a predetermined plan. After all, thousands of rebel fighters don’t just decide to turn around and invade another country!

Now a large part of war torn Iraq is under the control of extremist Islamists, who don’t seem inclined to leave any time soon, especially as they have declared their new territory as a new Islamic state.

In this article, I have deliberately highlighted modern history to show what the Islamic forces are doing TODAY. The lead up to the current situation (2014 at the time of writing) has been preceded by independent actions which taken separately look like civil wars or neighbouring countries disagreeing.

But what we need to see, what we now MUST see, are the Islamic connections. Many countries have fallen to their influence. Is it going to stop in the Middle East? Of course not. We can see today the introduction of Islamic states in Sudan and Malaysia. There are Islamic terrorist activities ongoing in Kenya and Nigeria, causing massive problems in a continent that is far from stable. I predict that the whole of Africa will fall to the Islamists in time.

It’s time we begin to see what has been under our noses for a very, very long time. The Islamists modus operandi is simple. Sit and wait; prepare and when the time is right,when the people are at their most vulnerable….strike! The evidence is there for us to see over the last 50 years.

Their plan is a long one. This is demonstrated in the “Muslim Brotherhood 100 year plan”.

This plan shows the long term and extremely well thought out strategy for takeover of the United States.
Here in Britain in just the last 12 months, we have seen some quite remarkable and  radical subversive Islamic influences coming to light. The slaying of Drummer Lee Rigby in broad daylight by two radicalised extremist muslims was an unheard of act of terror, worse perhaps than the bombs of the IRA (in it’s impact at least). Then there’s the 13 Birmingham schools implicated in the extremist takeover plot nicknamed the “Trojan Horse Conspiracy”.

Like all icebergs, what you see on the surface is going to be only a small proportion of what is going on undetected.

The Islamists are waging a war. It’s a war that has not stopped for 1400 years. Their goal (as stated in the Qur’an) is to make the whole world an Islamic state. A fascist state.


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