We are about the truth. Simply put, we want to help the people of Britain to gain an understanding of Islam and the threat that it poses to our society.

This site will try to provide straightforward information that is educational in nature. We are fully aware that some readers will assume many things about our attitude to Islam. So I will state that we produce this site without hate and animosity. Our intention is to be as objective as possible and present material that shows facts.

We do not write from an in depth academic point of view. Rather, our approach is often more “user friendly”. We draw from our own experiences in some cases and from the massive body of evidence freely available in others.

We appreciate that what is fact for one group can be perceived as fantasy by another. We must therefore present the material here with our high standards of integrity at the fore. You the reader must decide on the veracity and appropriateness of what you find here.

This site is about Islam primarily, but in time we may add articles that cover issues more to do with British society. The two subjects are intermixed as the failings in society have provided the fertile ground for the growth of Islam.

The problem of Islam is not confined to Britain. The USA, Australia and much of Europe is experiencing a massive influx of Muslim influence. We are concerned with Britain on this site, but we must recognise that this is a worldwide phenomenon and so it is incumbent on us to try to widen our thinking beyond our villages, towns and cities. We must now adopt some global understanding, as well as looking back a long way into history.

Islam is continuing its struggle which began 1400 years ago. Their goal is the same as always…..global domination.


2 Responses to About

  1. ECAW's blog says:

    Good to see more people telling the truth about Islam. Best wishes to you.


  2. Much appreciated. Changes made. Cheers


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