Anti-semitism: An Islamic Way of Life

What with the rise in anti-Semitism in very recent times, a couple of questions keep running around inside my head. The first of which is this:

“What did the Jews ever do that was so bad, that they should face one and a half thousand years of persecution?”

Immediately I can think of one answer and one alone that makes any sense whatever. The Jews refused to accept Mohammed as a prophet of God.

Maybe that should be the end of this article right there, but no, because it isn’t quite as simplistic as that. It wasn’t just the Islamists who persecuted the Jews. But it was they that began it.

Jewish persecution seems to be everywhere we look in today’s society. For example, in Britain I have seen small groups who blame the Jews for the creation of the “New World Order”, simply based on the fact that some of the World’s richest men (yes men, not women) are Jews. They see a “Jewish Conspiracy”.

Well I have no doubt that there is indeed a conspiracy, but the fact that some of those involved are Jews is simply circumstantial. A Jewish plot to rule the world? Oh please! Tell me where in the Old Testament that God told them to do that!

I see leftist/socialist activists baying for Israeli blood because they had the ordacity to fight back when attacked by the Palestinians….again.

In recent history, we don’t need reminding of the Nazis Jewish extermination plan. Not so many realise that he was aided and abetted in that plan by the once Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one Amin Al Husseini (a Muslim from the Palestinian region).

Prior to the Nazis, another great persecution took place within Russia. This occurred with the overthrow of the Imperialist government and the creation of the Soviet Socialist Republic. Jews had a strong presence there as the socialists came to power [sic]. Once again seen as undesirables, false documents were created accusing the Jews of global conspiracy.

What followed were hundreds of anti-Semitic riots with many either isolated, converted to socialism or killed.

We can go back through history and see a variety of other persecutions. There were many Christian based persecutions, which largely stemmed from blaming the Jews for killing Jesus. Starting just before the time of the first Crusade in 1096, Jews were systematically massacred in Europe. These were primarily religious based persecutions. This in no way excuses them. But it is important to recognise that such religious persecution of the Jews by Christian nations died out by the 19th Century.


This brings us to the original Jewish persecutions by Islam. To be more precise, by Muhammad. The history of his attitude and behaviour towards the Jews is detailed elsewhere. It is enough to say here that from the point that the Jewish tribes in Medina refused to accept him, he drove them out, along with the pagan worshipers, and claimed Medina for himself.

The Qur’an and Hadiths are filled with references to the subservience and hatred of the Jews. There is no ambiguity in these writings as some might try to posit. Only cursory examination shows quite clearly that the Jews (known as the “People of the Book”) were despised and Muhammad’s followers were encouraged to put them to death with no mercy.

With the death of Muhammad, once might expect such hatred to subside. It did not. If anything, as the centuries rolled by and Islamic leaders (Khalif) came and went, the hatred and victimisation grew;

The Caliph of Baghdad, al-Muqtadi [1075–1094], had given power to his vizier, Abu Shuja, [who] imposed that each male Jew should wear a yellow badge on his headgear. This was one distinctive sign on the head and the other was on the neck … a piece of lead of the weight of a silver dinar hanging round the neck of every Jew and inscribed with the word dhimmi to signify that the Jew had to pay poll-tax. Jews also had to wear girdles round their waists. Abu Shuja further imposed two signs on Jewish women. They had to wear a black and a red shoe, and each woman had to have a small brass bell on her neck or shoe, which would tinkle and thus announce the separation of Jewish from Gentile [Muslim] women. He assigned cruel Muslim men to spy upon Jewish women, in order to oppress them with all kinds of curses, humiliation, and spite. The Gentile population used to mock all the Jews, and the mob and their children used to beat up the Jews in all the streets of Baghdad. When a Jew died, who had not paid up the poll-tax [jizya] to the full and was in debt for a small or large amount, the Gentiles did not permit burial until the poll-tax was paid. If the deceased left nothing of value, the Gentiles demanded that other Jews should, with their own money, meet the debt owed by the deceased in poll-tax; otherwise they [threatened] they would burn the body. (Scheiber, A. “The Origins of Obadyah, the Norman Proselyte” Journal of Jewish Studies (Oxford), Vol. 5, 1954, p. 37.) [Wikipedia]


As Islam spread its wings around the Middle East, then across North Africa and on into Spain and parts of France, the anti-Semitic purge moved along with them. By the time of the Crusades, the Jews were the most persecuted people on the planet, yet the reasons for such attitudes seem petty in comparison to the “wrongs” that are attributed to them.

Perhaps at this point, we should take a moment to take a broad view across history. As we do so, we can see that there is only one group who have systematically and enduringly hated and persecuted Jews and that group is Islam. From the time of Muhammad until today, it not only endures, but grows.

Always the scape-goat, always down-trodden and treated as less than human, Jews have endured the most terrible and extreme persecution of all peoples, in all of human history.

So this brings me to the next question I have on this topic:

“Even in the 21st century, Hindus in India have an attitude towards women which treats them as second class citizens, with dire consequences for women who do not conform to the draconian rules imposed on them. Islam treats its women in much the same way, but adds to the mix honour killings, female genital mutilation, full body coverings, zero rights for women, beatings and mutilations for the smallest transgressions.
       At their WORST, Orthodox Jews follow the strict instructions of the Torah, which leaves women as subservient. Yet given the vast differences in the attitudes across these cultures, and the shear severity of the Islamic behaviour towards its own women, it is the Jews that are targeted for hatred………….Why?”

While contemplating this latter question, I came upon an answer which, when stated, is glaringly obvious.

The answer lies in basic human psychology. I spent my life being different from other people. I am ex military. I have studied martial arts most of my adult life. I have always believed in fair play, honesty and good standards of moral behaviour. I have always had high standards (although I’ve learned to relax them somewhat it recent years).

I’ve learned to be empathic and genuine. I’ve  also become quite straight forward in my approach, much less judgmental and I have a big belief in respect for elders and those with more knowledge than myself. After many years of deliberate personal development, I am also quite self aware.

All these things make me different (not better). Yet what I have found is that often some people seem to take a dislike to me. I have been victimised and shunned and attempts have been made to bully me (unsuccessfully I might add).

The aspect of human nature I mentioned is that unspoken fear that permeates those who have issues about their own self worth. To see a person who exhibits strong morals, which are is sharp contrast to their own, is threatening. To see a person who is confident and self aware, in contrast to the other’s lacks in those areas is also threatening to them.

The typical reaction for those people who feel threatened is to become a bully. The intention is to beat the other person down. Ridicule them and make them feel stupid and small. Where there are power issues, the bully imposes their authority to stamp out the light of ingenuity and resourcefulness, with control and dictatorial behaviour.

Now, scale this behaviour up a great deal. Do you see the deep seated insecurity of the bully Mohammad? Can you recognise that that man was so in need of adulation and attention that he created an entire religion where only he was the voice of Allah. The creation of his religion took many facets of both Jewish and Christian writing and rules but twisted them to allow power and domination over absolutely everyone.

He saw that the Jews were of the arrogant and preposterous belief [sic] that they were God’s chosen people. What better reason than that to beat them down. Mohammed relegated them to a controlled and subjugated people wherever he found them. Also notice that he didn’t go on huge killing sprees. He forced the dhimmi Jews into tax slavery (on pain of death). That way, every day, he could see the servitude and subservience of the Jewish people, under him.

This is not a pleasant aspect of human nature, but it is one well recognised by studies and research in psychology. Childhood is the learning ground for socialisation and personality development. We see how children seem to have a deep seated need to ridicule anyone who is perceived as different (fat, big ears, short, tall, etc.). Its part of the process of learning to fit in. Children see things quite starkly. You are “in” if you are wearing the right clothes, talk a certain way, have the right designer shoes. This goes on into late teens and often beyond.

If we don’t gain enough intellectual reasoning experience, then this type of behaviour remains throughout adulthood. I think we all have it to some degree or other. Only those who have gained sufficient self awareness are able to step away from such judgments and truly become individual. This is in itself, threatening to those who have not achieved this level of awareness.

The average Muslim is led throughout their entire life. They follow others. They are not individuals, but just part of the “hive mind” that is Islam. Where there is a historic hate of the Jews, it permeates and exudes from almost all Muslims like a race memory. For some it is strong and pungent like a bad smell. For others it is a mildly felt truth. Always there in the back of the mind, but there nonetheless.

Historically speaking, the Christian has “grown up”. The conspiracy theorist lays in the filth of their own racist mire and the Muslim continues, unthinking with a way of life given to them by a book, written by a psychopath.