Islam & Fascism


In this first article for the site, it seems only appropriate to talk about the title of the site, “Islamofascism”.

Fascism as a Concept

First of all, let’s take a look at the common or garden variety of fascism. The term fascist is usually used as an insult, a label that immediately describes a person as being “bad” and “violent” and “ultra controlling.

The connections to the 20th century fascist movements of the Nazi party in Germany and the National Fascist Party in Italy are very strong and pervade our society nearly 65 years after the end of World War 2.

But what exactly is a fascist? Most people think they already know what it means and are quite happy to use (or over-use) the word whenever they experience someone who appears oppressive to others. It makes sense then to try to interpret the word within the context of today’s meaning. It is possible to pick apart the history of the word and various commentators have posited that fascism is neither on the left or right of the political spectrum. Today, of course, it is always regarded as a far-right attitude.

Identifying Fascism

We need to know how to identify fascism. It’s so very easy to think we know what it means, but it’s important to have a clear understanding of not just a definition, but what elements come together to make fascism a reality.

Let’s pull a couple of definitions from a dictionary to start with:
1.Any ideology or movement inspired by Italian Fascism such as German National Socialism; any right-wing nationalist ideology or movement with an
authoritarian and hierarchical structure that is fundamentally opposed to democracy and liberalism.

2. Any ideology, movement, programme, tendency, etc, that may
be characterised as right-wing, chauvinist, authoritarian, etc.

3. Prejudice in relation to the subject specified.

(World English Dictionary)

So here we have some ideas:

  • Nationalist Ideology with an authoritarian and hierarchal structure
  • Fundamentally opposed to Democracy & Liberalism
  • Chauvinist

But this is not good enough as a definition because there are elements that these quotes do not emphasise. What is meant by Nationalism? Chauvinist? These terms seem quite tame on the surface.

If we examine the concept of fascism further what we see quite clearly is, that to be fascist, Nationalism must be tied directly to other elements. Nationalism by itself is nothing more than patriotism, which for many people simply means “National pride”. When national pride is highly emphasised and added to other aspects, then we have something very different that is highly extremist. Those other aspects are as follows:

  • Racial supremacy
  • An authoritarian system that invokes an individual or group to extremes of behaviour
  • Totalitarian system of government headed by a dictator
  • The state has absolute power

Only when all these factors are present can the term fascism be correctly used.

Nazism – A Political Party

Please also note that the term is used to describe a system, not an individual. It’s not a big leap to use the word to describe an individual, with the assumed tag of fascist. This common mistake stems from the fact that the term Nazi is an English term used to describe the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

As a party member, a person would be referred to as a Nazi and the association of fascism sticks to the party member, therefore he or she becomes a “fascist”. In today’s society, the term fascist has become a derogatory term that is used with monotonous regularity and very often in error. But it’s the imagery that is associated with the word fascist that provides the intended meaning. It’s the instant association with the holocaust atrocities carried out by the Nazis that is now part and parcel of the accusation inferred in the use of the word fascist.

The concept of Nazism has long-standing imagery associated with it. To give an example, the Germans had a wonderful flair for uniform design. Their uniforms have become iconic visual images. There would be few people alive in Western society today who would not recognise the black uniform of the SS officer or the grey uniform of the Luftwaffe, both synonymous with the knee length black riding boots. The idea of a military-style uniform has been around for several hundred years. It has various uses but in this context its purpose it to set its wearer apart from others, to be recognised easily. Depending on how that person behaves will determine the attitude of the surrounding onlookers as to how they view the uniform across the board. In other words, a uniform can become immediately linked to particular behaviour. It is well known that the German Wehrmacht (regular and conscripted Army) had a grave fear of the SS. Everyone knew what they stood for.

It’s that method of visual association that led the Nazis to reinstate the Muslim Prophet [sic] Mohamad’s use of the yellow star to be placed on the clothing of all Jews.

Islam & Fascism

This brings us to Islam. Hopefully, by now we should have a pretty good idea of what authentic fascism looks like (rather than the basic term that people tend to use to describe a bully). What we are looking for is a system, not an individual. It will be the subject of subsequent articles to discuss Islam and the Qur’an in detail so we will not do that now. Instead, let us look at the attitude and behaviour of the Muslims of today.

But in doing that we have a problem because it appears very much as though the Muslims that could easily be criticised are the ones in other countries, not Britain. Somehow there seems to be an unspoken “knowledge” (albeit false) that the Islam in other parts of the world is somehow different. In Britain, it seems, Muslims are good and don’t go in for all that bombing and beheading! Well, I think in recent years we have seen that British Muslims are just as capable of committing atrocities as any other Muslim (e.g. members of the so-called “Beatles”, a group of British Muslims lead by the notorious “Jihadi John”).

Well, I think that it’s only fair to look at the observed behaviour of British Muslims for the purposes of this particular discussion. So what do kind of behaviour do we experience from our British Muslims? There are hundreds of examples I could use to highlight their behaviour. Instead of listing them here, for brevity I will summarise the types of behaviour I have witnessed and have seen reported in a wide range of British media.

  • Segregation
    – Muslims go to great lengths to not integrate with the rest of society, keeping strictly to not only the cultures of their country of origin but also rigidly adhering to the letter of Sharia (Qur’an) law.
  • Propensity to Violence
    – the violence comes in many forms and Muslims will become highly aggressive and defensive at very short notice. They will act as a loud and aggressive mob with very strong demands; a bullying tactic which is designed to elicit (to their thinking) an equally violent response. Because British officials respond peacefully, this is deemed as “weak” by Muslims. Then, of course, there are the known terrorist murders that have occurred specifically in the name of Islam.
  • Male Dominance
    – this is seen in many cases within their family lives. Men beat their wives severely (sometimes to death) for the slightest misdemeanour. Daughters are forced into Female Genital Mutilation (removal of the clitoris to prevent self-pleasure and perceived sexual desire). Daughters also have forced marriages often to men they have never met (not the same as an arranged marriage).
  • Acquisition of Positions of Power
    – under the guise of “Multiculturalism,” Muslims are increasingly aiming for Council seats, Mayorships and becoming members of Parliament. While this seems innocuous at first, what we are seeing more and more is the overt misuse of powers to directly benefit only the Muslims in their communities.
  • Subversive Extremist Plots
    – Going back to 2007 there is very strong physical evidence that shows certain Islamic Charities are fronts for Terrorist organisations, providing them with funds. Further evidence shows the teaching of extremist Islamic principles in many Mosques and schools throughout the country. Teaching often includes the indoctrination of children to consider anyone other than Muslim to be less than human.
  • Extremist Recruitment in British Prisons
    – Immams have been reported as targeting vulnerable and violent offenders to become converted to Islam and then teaching them the so-called “extremist version” of Islam.
  • Overt Extremist Preachers
    – some individuals unbelievably are able to shout hate towards the authorities with impunity in rallies, with banners stating murderous intent and take-over of the country by Islam.
  • Radicalised Young Muslims Fighting Jihad
    – the government admit to around 500 young people leaving the country to fight in Syria and Iraq. The real numbers will, of course, be much higher than that. These are people who are committing the vilest atrocities in the name of Islam.

These are the main points that we need to consider. But there is one more thing that we should understand from all this. It should be quite obvious that in the last few years, the Islamic community in Britain has been becoming more and bold in its behaviour. Just like the young child with its parents, they are pushing to see just how far our authorities will bend. The Muslims are not sitting quietly as they did before. This should be seen as a worrying development.

But moving away from that point, let us now consider the overall attitudes we have seen in Britain (as I have highlighted here) in relation to the fundamental principles of fascism.

We can see that the Islamic community in Britain shows all the markers of fascism:

  • Nationalist Ideology with an authoritarian and hierarchal structure – the Islamic version of Nationalism is simply “Islam” which is the whole of the Muslim people, without national boundaries. It is Nationalism but without nationality. This is their aim, and as we can see they use any methods they see fit to achieve that goal, by use of authoritarian (bullying) methods. Their structure is completely hierarchal as they will install the Khalifa (overall ruler of the Islamic State)
  • Fundamentally opposed to Democracy – Muslims are using the system of Democracy we have now, but as has been seen in many areas of Britain, they would rather operate a parallel system of law and government (Sharia).
  • Chauvinist – In the true sense of the word, that is about denigrating women to second-class citizens. as we can see, Islam treats it women appallingly. It’s more usually referred to as misogyny.
  • Racial supremacy – their subversive indoctrination in the teaching of children in schools and adults in the mosques show quite clearly that Muslims are being brought up with at the very least that non-muslims hate them and they blame them for all their problems. In many places, Muslims are taught that we are worse than animals.
  • An authoritarian system that invokes an individual or group to extremes of behaviour – this is happening infrequently in an extreme manner but happens in a more passive-aggressive way much more often. Groups of men (usually) will come together in rallies to protest about some minor issue and always use racial abuse as a means of invoking “victim status”. This always works in our multicultural system.
  • Totalitarian system of government headed by a dictator – we’re not there yet!
  • The state has absolute power – this is, in fact, the case with Islam, although they do not hold power in this country….. yet.

There we have it. The behaviour of Muslims in Britain today shows quite clearly that the term Islamofascist applies to Islam. It most certainly does not apply to all Muslims in Britain. There are many who are very peaceful people. There are also those who are Muslim in name only, though they are proportionally much fewer in number. What we need to focus on is not those groups who say “We are a religion of peace”. This is only true for those Muslims who choose NOT to apply the whole teachings of the Qur’an.

We must also recognise a couple of salient facts here too. The Qur’an is written in ancient Arabic. Most Muslims cannot even read the book itself for understanding. They only memorise the Arabic, relying on their Imams to interpret the meaning.

Those so-called moderate Muslims are little more than indoctrinated vials, born into a system that uses religion as a means of control, that has only one permissible escape, and that is death.

There is a minority of British Muslims who have what we can call extreme views. Only a small number of that minority actually want to be terrorists. Even so, remember that it was only a small minority of Germans who caused the whole of Germany to become Extremist. The moderates will follow because simply, they are Muslim, on pain of death.