Islam: The Final Solution


The above picture is quite a difficult thing to look at for most of us. I know every time I look at the face of Adolf Hitler, I feel a sense of anger. Of course that anger stems from the fact that as a British citizen, my whole life has been dominated by the legacy of WWII.

I remember watching the TV at quite a young age in the 1960’s. My father liked to watch documentaries and I will never forget the sight of the bodies being bull-dozed in the German and Polish concentration camps. The scenes were etched in my mind forever. So much so that as the years went on and I learned more and more about what happened to those poor people, it makes me want to cry. But of course the full horror of what Hitler had done was not revealed until after the war ended in 1945. So many people just refused to believe it, after all, to those brought up with a sense of decency and respect for others, the cold blooded execution of more than 6 million people (of whatever race or religion) was just too huge to accept.

But gradually, as the evidence began to emerge and the Nuremberg trials got under way, much of the atrocity of those years started to persuade the public that the truth of the horror of places like Auschwitz and Birkenau were in fact all too real. (see


Nazism in Germany had one goal which was world dominance. Hitler believed completely in the superiority of the white, German aryan race (see and did everything in his power to rid the population of those he perceived to be unclean or in any way opposed to his plans for world domination.

First and foremost in Hitler’s sights were the Jews. By now we are all aware of the scale of the attempted genocide. The official figures for the dead are only ever an estimation, but 6 million dead is probably quite a conservative figure. The true scale will never be known. (see for more info on the Holocaust).

Of course Hitler didn’t stop there. His hatred of Communism saw vast numbers of Russians murdered, along with Poles and many others in occupied Europe. The amount of dead during the 5 year conflict was huge, especially when you also factor in the deaths in the Pacific war.Military and civilian alike; it seemed as though that war was a turning point in history, where the civilian became a target every bit as legitimate as the military. The bombing of British and German cities caused millions of deaths alone. The initial intention was to bomb key manufacturing targets, but that soon shifted to carpet bombing of the entire cities, by both sides.(see Strategic Bombing in WW2).

I want you to just think of the difficulties the world had to deal with that threat. It cost countless lives and vast amounts of infrastructure destroyed across the whole of Europe. Now just imagine a regime even worse than the nazi’s. Imagine a group who had all the same goals and ruthless attitudes of the nazi’s, but instead of world domination in the name of “Der Furher”, it is done in the name of God. We will come back to that shortly.



Let us turn now to take a look at just how some factions took a great shine to Herr Hitler and the fascist regime he had created. Anyone who knows a little about the history of the time will be very aware of the on-off relationship Italy had with the Germans. Mussolini had created a one party state with his fascist party and took absolute control of Italy as a fascist dictator by 1927.


Perhaps a lesser known story is that of one Amin Al-Husseini. This highly influential Palestinian Arab had been involved in both Islamic religious and political activities for most of his adult life.

Al Husseini had a long career, stemming back to his involvement with the Ottoman Empire during WW1 as an artillery officer, through various on and off allegiances with the British in Jerusalem regarding the formation of an Arab state. By the mid 1920’s he was elected as Mufti of Jerusalem (see

“In In 1933, within weeks of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, the German Consul-General in Palestine, the pro-nazi Heinrich Wolff, sent a telegram to Berlin reporting al-Husseini’s belief that Palestinian Muslims were enthusiastic about the new regime and looked forward to the spread of Fascism throughout the region” (from

Al Husseini had recognised an affinity between the fascist regime of nazi Germany and his own ideology as a teacher of Islamic law. During those inter-war years, Germany had declined the invitation from Al Hussein on a number of occasions, mainly on the grounds that they did not want to disrupt Anglo-German relations. There was a recognition of the Palestinian concerns about the Jews, but the Germans believed at the time that Al Husseini was not fully aware of the entirety of the “Jewish problem” and left him on the sidelines.

It wasn’t until war broke out that Al Husseini showed his true hand publicly. In 1941 he used his influence with the Germans to promote Arab nationalism in the then troubled Iraq. When war broke out in Iraq in 1941, it was Al Husseini who influenced the issue of a “Fatwa” for a holy war against Britain. The war in Iraq failed and Al Husseini left for Persia.

Later that year,Al-Husseini arrived in Rome. He outlined his proposals that the Axis powers ‘recognize in principle the unity, independence, and sovereignty, of an Arab state, including Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and Transjordan’, he offered support in the war against Britain and stated his willingness to discuss the issues of ‘the Holy Places, Lebanon, the Suez Canal, and Aqaba’. The Italian foreign ministry approved al-Husseini’s proposal, recommended giving him a grant of one million lire, and referred him to Benito Mussolini, who met al-Husseini on 27 October.

Back in the summer of 1940 and again in February 1941, al-Husseini submitted to the Nazi German Government a draft declaration of German-Arab cooperation, containing a clause:

“Germany and Italy recognize the right of the Arab countries to solve the question of the Jewish elements, which exist in Palestine and in the other Arab countries, as required by the national and ethnic (völkisch) interests of the Arabs, and as the Jewish question was solved in Germany and Italy.”

In November the same year, Al Husseini met with the German Foreign Minister, Von Ribbentropp and then later with Hitler himself.This meeting is documented (referenced at the essence of which was as follows:

Al Husseini asked for Hitler to join in the Arab Palestinian struggle to rid all Palestinian lands of Jews under British protection. But this was not about driving them out. The stated intention of Al Husseini and Hitler was that every single Jew should be hunted down and exterminated.


During the period of WW2, Al Husseini was to some degree, instrumental in the extermination of the Jews within Europe. He made several visits to a selection of the “Final Solution” concentration camps. While he was probably not involved in the orchestration of the plan of extermination of the Jews in Europe, he most certainly was an enthusiastic observer.


It is worth noting at this point that Al Husseini now was on public record as siding with nazi Germany and publicly denouncing the British. In an address at the opening of the Islamic Central Institute in Berlin in 1942, Al Husseini harshly criticised those he considered as aggressors against Muslims, namely “Jews, Bolsheviks and Anglo-Saxons.”

Throughout the rest of the war, Al Husseini was very busy with a number of projects. He often produced propaganda broadcasts targeted at Arabs, and he also wrote a pamphlet for the 13th SS Handschar division, translated as Islam i Zidovstvo (Islam and Judaism) which closed with a quotation from Bukhari-Muslim by Abu Khurreira that states:

“The Day of Judgement will come, when the Muslims will crush the Jews completely: And when every tree behind which a Jew hides will say: ‘There is a Jew behind me, Kill him!”.

On 1 March 1944, while speaking on Radio Berlin, al-Husseini said:

‘Arabs, rise as one man and fight for your sacred rights. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion. This saves your honor. God is with you.’




But Al Husseini didn’t stop there. Collaborating with the SS and Heinrich Himmler, he went on to create the three German Divisions of SS, all of which were Muslims; 13th Haberg, and the 23rd Kama (Shepherd’s dagger). At their hands Jewish, Croat, Roma, Serb and Muslim communities suffered huge losses of life.

It is quite plain to see that history has recorded that the fascist nazism of Adolf Hitler’s Germany was very definitely aligned with the ideology of a highly influential teacher of Islamic law, a statesman for the fledgling state of Palestine, and had the desire to spread his ideology of total annihilation of every Jewish man woman and child in existence.

The ideology of this educated man of Islam was the subjugation of all faiths and world domination with his partner, Adolf Hitler. None of this can be doubted or contradicted. It is historical fact.

Now, knowing all this, we must consider the situation we find ourselves in today. We are faced with not one, but MANY such individuals around the world. Listening to the words they shout on their videos, each group around the world follows the same ideology and Al Hussein. They are determined to use the same levels of hate and ruthless destruction and murder, without any compunction. You need only look at the struggles around the world today:

The Philippines

Then there are the countries that already have total Islamic domination:

Saudi Arabia

….and this is just a selection. But let us not forget where further struggles are taking place. Today there are many countries within Europe that are experiencing huge influxes of Muslims from other nations, while their own populations decline. Britain, Holland, Denmark, Ireland……and on and on.

I am sure that ANY Muslim who reads this article will have a mixture of emotions, depending on their interpretation, level of understanding and commitment of and to the Qur’an and Islam. There are millions of good people who happen to be Muslims, and to them I am happy to live alongside. But there is a minority who have hi-jacked the religion, who follow in the footsteps of Al Husseini and will stop at nothing less than total domination. They will do it, country by country. They will murder and kill (even their own, as been shown repeatedly) without any conscience.

It is necessary that every country (especially the USA, Canada and Britain) put aside their ridiculous political correctness and recognise the threat for what it truly is. It is about extending the ideology of Islam, enforcing all, with no mercy or latitude. We in the Western nations have been used and manipulated.Through our own stupidity and lack of vigilance and application of common sense, have enacted laws (or allowed them to be enforced by an overbearing European system of laws) that prevent us from speaking out. To speak out against a threat such as this is to be labelled and even prosecuted (in Britain at least).

Only today as I write this, Peter Robinson the First Minister  for N. Ireland spoke out in defence of Pastor James McConnell’s comments about Islam in his sermon at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast. Mr Robinson said that he himself would not be happy to go to a Muslim cleric for spiritual advice because he could not trust him. As a result of that, Muslims are clambering to object to his comments and complaining and so on.

So our hands are tied. In Britain we have legislation that actually prevents anyone from speaking out publicly about Muslims in any way. The new accusation is that people are “Islamaphobic”, yet another politically correctness to live with and abide by.

The statement at the beginning of this article says it all in a nutshell. The “Struggle” is the same for the Fundamentalist Islamists today as it was for Hitler. Dominate.