Lying – The New Truth


The Two Faces of Islam

Right from the start let me say that this article is about truth in Islam, or should I say, the lack of.

I have spent my life with a deep sense of the appreciation of truth. I have seen the destruction that lies cause. But it’s not just out and out lies that are the problem. The idea of hiding the truth comes in many guises, has various names and the perpetrators have many agendas and motives.

This article is about Islam primarily, but I don’t want to give the impression that only Muslims lie. Far from it. Deception is widespread throughout the world and Westerners are just as guilty as anyone else. There is one fundamental difference though, between the Muslim use of deception and everyone else. It’s that Islam, through direct instruction from their “manual for life” the Qur’an, believes that deceit in its many forms is acceptable when directed toward the kafir (unbelievers).

Western society (and I would wager every other society bar Islam) deems lying to be a bad thing, despite the fact that so many people are guilty of it. For the Westerner (I will speak as an Englishman) who has been brought up in a society which is Christian (or Judaic) at its core, then the lie is seen as a sin. That then puts Christianity and Islam in direct contradiction on this issue.

But this article doesn’t come from a religious perspective per se. Rather it takes the stance of the Westerner in general, that deceit is a counter-productive activity, which causes rifts between people, destroys relationships and at worst can destroy a person’s life. On that basis, I want to say quite clearly that lying is an unwelcome part of life. I brought up my children to deplore lies. I was partially successful in that. I have seen and experienced first hand how long term deceit is a hugely destructive force. I have seen how some individuals are compulsive liars.

I remember when I was a kid of 7 or 8, we had a neighbour where I lived in the far north of England. The eldest of their four kids was a boy called Adrian. I will never forget him and his family. Those were the days (in the 1960’s) when kids played out all day and no-one worried about them. I spent many hours playing with Adrian and other local kids. The thing about him was how from nowhere he would come out with the most astonishing lies.

“You know” he would say “we have a fantastic boat! I’m going to sail in it this weekend. We will have a great time!” Now even at the age of 8 I was quite dubious about his claims, but even so they did make me wonder at first if he had such wonderful things. Was he telling the truth? Was he exaggerating? Well the answer became obvious when I eventually saw inside his house. There were bits of newspaper on the floor instead of carpet. The smell that came out was overpowering. The furniture (what there was of it) was filthy and full of holes. Adrian lived a life of fantasy to compensate for his horrifically poor lifestyle. My parents moved and so I never knew what became of him. I dread to think.

This was my very first experience of lies in my life, or so I thought. But there was another deception going on around me. This time it was in my own family. From my earliest recollection, I have had to endure my father beating my mother. Where’s the deceit in that? Well its in the “cover up”. How my mother wore clothes to cover the bruises on her arms and body. Rarely did she ever have facial bruises.

Yes, my life has been full of deceit. I mention these things only to set the record straight about lies in my own community and the damage it causes. I can recall how lies form so many parts of our lives. I know the pain of being deceived and being taken advantage of. These are scars that will never completely go away.

So why do people lie? Lets just explore this a little. In the main, it’s a tactic used by those who wish to cover up or hide what they are doing or thinking. It may be a misdemeanor or a major crime. It might be denial that you never said a certain thing which upset someone, or it could be perjury in a court of Law. It’s that latter issue that highlights the attitude of our society to telling the truth. Lying in a courtroom is deemed to be a criminal offence. Indeed, the Muslim might be better saying an oath in court that includes “…. the truth the whole truth and nothing like the truth.” But that would be more like honesty.

Why else do people lie? The psychologists call this a “defence mechanism”. What that means is that a person will lie so that their own personal insecurity will not be revealed. As in my little story about Adrian, his knowledge that he was so poor and had absolutely nothing was the thing that caused him great shame. So to attempt to raise his perceived standing in his peer group and also bolster his own self image, he told monumental lies. In the case of Adrian, his lies were so obvious that they never really fooled anyone.

There are those though, whose lies are so convincing that it is virtually impossible to tell that they are lying. At this end of the spectrum we have the compulsive liar. This could be seen as pathological (part of a psychological disorder such as a personality disorder). When such a person lies, they either fully believe what they are saying, or they have constructed as part of their personality, a justifiable reason to lie, in which they believe totally. They even realise that it is wrong in the eyes of the general population, but they do it anyway. This is called sociopathic behaviour.




Lying & Islam

So for those of us who have lived with Muslims, these things will ring a bell, very loudly! I would be surprised if there was one Westerner who has had dealings with Muslims (either here in Britain or in any other country) who has not encountered the subterfuge. I met a lady online recently from Australia who told me a little of her life living surrounded by Muslims at school while she was growing up. It didn’t sound very pleasant at all. Her best friend who gave the impression of being a muslim in name only, used her and her family.

I saw in my time in the Middle East how the concept of truth, honesty and integrity was almost entirely missing. I can think of only one Muslim man I have ever met who I could trust. But I don’t think I would place my life in even his hands.

So what is this lying all about in Islam? Why is it so widespread? How come Muslims feel no sense of guilt about it? The answer comes directly from their most holy book, the Qur’an.

That’s right. It is a direct command from “Allah” that its ok to lie to the unbeliever in order to further the cause of Islam. Now I’m not going to waste yours and my time by quoting all the scripture references to prove my comment. Others have written profusely on the subject and all I will do is point you to some of the places where you can read it yourself. See the end of the article for links to some of the places I’ve found that will help.

I’ve had extensive “discussions” with a certain extremist Islamic Facebook group who claim that this lying (called Taqiyya in Arabic) is limited only to a certain group of Arabs, who originate from the Saudi Arabian Shia group and the Wahabbists in particular. Historically, there may be some truth to this, however it has been adopted throughout the Arabic population, and hence throughout the Islamic people around the world.

From our exposition of lying in general, we have seen that deceit is a concept that is rife in society even without any godly decree. But if we add to the mix a set of instructions from “God” that tell the Islamists how to go about every single facet of their life, if telling them to lie is part of those instructions, then it’s like saying that everyone gets a free pass into Willy Wonkers’ Chocolate Factory!

The argument that Taqiyya is limited to a select group is blown out of the water when we take a look around the world. Here in Britain, after a lot of delay, we now see the Muslim Council of GB officially announcing that the behaviour of the Islamic State “terrorists” has nothing to do with Islam. They are saying “It’s not in our name”. Oh really? It’s taken the beheading of American journalists and now a British aid worker by a British Muslim (the so called Jihad John) before they came out with their condemnations. But the mass murder of Shia Muslims and Christians in Iraq and Syria was left with a deafening silence. This is just another form of deceit. It is the absence of words of condemnation which by their silence condone the actions, until it looks as though the wider community of Islam will be seen in a bad light. Then, comes the condemnation. This is a tactic that they employ widely.

There are so many examples of Taqiyya here in Britain, but to the uninitiated, these things are taken on face value as truth. This is because we expect that any official comments made by such a group would be the truth. In other words, we judge Muslims according to our own standards. This is a huge mistake and one that we need to change quickly. They do not think like us and their only motive is to further the cause and spread of Islam. To them, lying is second nature. Don’t ever forget that.

Those of us who know how the Islamists operate are criticised and called racist, fascist, Islamaphobic and cynical, by both the Muslims and our own dear politically correct fellow countrymen, who have no idea that they are being duped.


When I first saw the video of a Muslim going on about this, I thought it was a joke. How wrong I was!

Another prime example of Taqiyya is seen whenever Mulsims appear to be the victim. Almost every day now, we are seeing or hearing of how Muslims are “offended” by something. The most ridiculous of which is the recent campaign by Muslims here to ban “Peppa Pig” which is a children’s cartoon that has a pig as the central character. Just recently a family was thrown off a bus because a Muslim woman complained to the driver that he mother was singing the Peppa Pig song and “snorting” in the appropriate places. She was singing to her little autistic child. I’m not making this up!

I have to say that the list of such things is becoming monotonous, endless and ridiculous.

This kind of behaviour is a mixture of things, but deceit is part of it. Victim status “Oh poor me, I am offended at the nasty white woman singing about a pig!” and also grandstanding – “Hey look everyone, I’m a Muslim and I can get these dhimmi idiots to do whatever I want, just because I said I’m offended”.



The Rotherham Muslim Grooming Gang Scandal – our Social Services & Police were so scared of being labelled “Racist” they let it go on for 16 years.

I have watched a Muslim local government councillor say on TV that there is no connection whatever between the high incidence of Pakistanis being charged with rape of children in some cities in the North of England. An impressive and believable performance, only negated by the recent publication of an independent report from a British professor, Alexis Jay, which strangely showed the high significance of Pakistani involvement in child sexual grooming of (are you ready?) 1400 white non-muslim girls over a 16 year period in Rotherham (1). That’s just one town in England. We have many towns where this is going on.

We currently have another Muslim Councillor, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets in London, up on charges of vote rigging for his election. This is one liar and deceiver that got caught out in a big way (2).




Just one of the schools in Birmingham where Muslims attempted to radicalise the students

I could go on and I will. The next major more recent event is the Birmingham “Trojan Horse” scandal (3). This is the systematic and subversive radical Islamic takeover of a number of schools in Birmingham (4). The lies that were told by the perpetrators of this (notably one Tahir Alam, school Governor [5]) to cover this up were prolific. This created a national stir and the politicians have implemented various changes and restrictions to counter the Islamic radicalisation of British children and the public in general. Time will tell if these measures are successful or not. Those of us who are paying attention realise that it is not just in Birmingham that this problem is occurring.

Finally let’s take a look at the Islamic lying as a method of control. The control can be about anything they desire. From covering up the financial activities of Muslim charities to the often heard comments of Islam being “the religion of peace”.

They have realised that the use of propaganda is a valuable tool in their disinformation activities. Of course the use of propaganda is nothing new, but when it is used in conjunction with portions of truth, then it becomes almost unrecognisable as lies. Islam uses the gullibility and ignorance of the general population to their own advantage. They use the political correctness that pervades our society today, to their advantage by shouting in unison with the socialists and liberals about “human rights” and the use of the “race card” among other things.

It’s an amazing coincidence (not) that the HSBC bank has recently been closing bank accounts of Muslim Charities and various mosques around the country. The bank say:

“We find that we are unable to maintain the burden of financial risk by keeping your account open”.

Which is a nice way of saying, “We don’t trust you as far as we could throw you!” So at least one major institution has had the sense to stop supporting them and obviously don’t want to be associated with the horror of Islam.

As an aside, I recently learned about the scam that Adolf Hitler pulled on the German public in the 1930’s. He promised every German could own the new car through a scheme called “Kraft durch Freude” (Strength through Joy) which would provide each family with a brand shiny new KDF Wagen (Volkswagen Beetle to you and me) for 5 francs a week. Thousands paid, and virtually no one got a car until after the war! (see link below [6] for how the use of propaganda works on the gullible).

The time and situation is different, but the fascist regime that is Islam is using the same methods as Hitler, to persuade us that “black is white” and Islam is white….as the driven snow.

So if it has not yet become glaringly obvious, Muslims lie….. a lot. They have a predefined mandate that says it’s ok to do so, and from birth, Muslims are brought up with the concept and learn from their parents and peers to follow the tradition of “lying to the infidels”. They have a ready made belief system that provides a recognised justification for lying. The only difference between this and the behaviour of a sociopath is that the sociopath has to create his own system of justification for his lies. The Muslims have one ready made. It’s called Islam.







(5) “There is no Islamic Takeover Plot”

(6) “The Nazi Propaganda machine and the VW Beetle”


Further reading on and exposition of Taqiyya in Islam: